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A commentary on 'A Call to Repentance,' Lakeland Ledger article

A commentary on 'A Call to Repentance,' Lakeland Ledger article

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First, I am somewhat surprised that bishops are criticizing the war, as pertaining to the arguments used. You could say that war was not the last resort. When is the last resort? After we are again attacked? Or are we not allowed to use the power (given to us by God) to prevent an attack. Every key politician has proclaimed that (Saddam) Hussein had WMDs. Only after our invasion has that doubt occurred. And that is still questionable. The inspectors were never totally free to go anywhere at anytime. There mission was constantly hampered by Hussein. They eventually were kicked out by Hussein. Is anyone really surprised that WMDs were not found? Hussein himself even said that he had them. If he did not have them, why would he not give free reign to the inspectors? The authority of the United States to protect itself does not lie with the United Nations. It lies in our constitution and the duty of the president to protect our country. If that is contrary to the United Nations charter, we should not be there. Let us not forget that the main opposition to the war came from France, Germany and Russia. Now we learn that these same countries were making huge sums of money on the "Oil for Food" program. I wonder if there was a conflict of interest? The war was actually legitimated after the first of numerous times Hussein did not abide by the sanctions imposed on Iraq. The opaque lens you mentioned seems to apply to the fact that Hussein had nothing to do with 9-11. It has been proven that he did have contact with al-Quaida and provide training grounds and funds for terrorists. No one can say that all the planning was perfect. The strategy is to provide the means for self-rule and protection. The exit strategy is to complete the objective and not to satisfy critics. Most of us are not military experts, but it seems obvious that pulling out now would be a huge mistake. Even the so-called experts have said there are not enough personnel. Now there apparently are too many and we should start pulling out. Some of us who are not bishops in The United Methodist Church first spoke out for the war and continue to speak out for the war's success. I, for one, truly wish the bishops would be as vocal on the candidates who continue to support abortion rights. Now there is something I can get behind. But perhaps that is not politically correct.

Rick Fry
Conway United Methodist Church, Orlando