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2014 apportionment information available

2014 apportionment information available

LAKELAND -- The Florida Conference has been working very closely with the districts to prepare the 2014 apportionments. The apportionments for 2014 are now available on the conference website. Please contact your district first if you have any questions regarding your 2014 apportionments.

To find your 2014 apportionment information:

1. Go to the conference home page:

2. Click on the “Monthly Reports” tab at the bottom right of the page.

3. Click on the top link under The Message Board:  “Click here to download monthly reports.”

4. We are in the process of adding 2014 apportionments reports in the drop down menu. If your church’s is not yet posted, please pull up your current apportionment report and change the date to 1/1/2014. Then click on “refresh” to obtain the current information.