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General Conference delegate committee assignments made

General Conference delegate committee assignments made

Final legislative committee assignments have been made for the laity and clergy delegates to the 2012 General Conference.  The General Conference will be held at the Tampa Convention Center from April 24 to May 4, 2012.  A total of 11 clergy and 11 laity delegates were elected during June's Annual Conference meeting.  The members and their assignments are below.

Legislative Committee for Laity General Conference Delegates
Mickey Wilson:  Financial Administration  
Sharon Luther:  General Administration   
William “Russ” Graves:  Church & Society 2
Orlando Garay:  Discipleship          
Carlene Fogel-Miller:  Church & Society 1        
Jetro Jeune:  Faith & Order
Walter Dry:  Independent Commissions   
Martha Gay Duncan:  Superintendency 
Christopher Corbin:  Local Church   
Janet Earls:  Conferences              
John Denmark: Ministry & Higher Education

Legislative Committee for Clergy General Conference Delegates
Jorge Acevedo - Discipleship     
Sue Haupert-Johnson - Judicial Administration
Debbie McLeod - General Administration
James Harnish - Financial Administration   
David Dodge - Ministry & Higher Education
Sharon Austin - Local Church        
Robert Bushong - Faith & Order  
Geraldine McClellan - Independent Commission 
David McEntire - Global Ministries   
Catherine Fluck Price - Church & Society 1
Emily Oliver - Church & Society 2

Contributed by Sharon Luther, Florida Conference Lay Leader