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31 Ways to Honor Your Pastor for Clergy Appreciation Month

31 Ways to Honor Your Pastor for Clergy Appreciation Month

Creative ideas to show your appreciation with gifts your pastor can actually use!

Church Vitality Leadership

Some pastors have shared with me that, like teachers, they receive so many gifts from people. However, the gifts are not always given with the forethought of how many of those items the pastor has received. How many mugs or signs with sayings have they received over the decades of ministry? One retiring pastor set out all the tchotchkes she had received over the years (that she could no longer house) and offered people to come by and take what they want – allowing them to bless others. The point is to be more cognizant of what would be helpful for the pastor and their family. Remember people serving in pastor roles that may not be ordained (youth leaders, discipleship, care ministry).
There are no cost, low cost, and generous ways to thank your pastor(s).

No cost:
  • Card of thanks with specific words of how you appreciate your pastor
  • Jar of uplifting inspirations or jokes – funny “dad jokes”
  • Share your season tickets for sports or theatre or music
  • Offer a vacation spot if you have one or have points to share from loyalty programs
  • Declare a day of volunteering to honor him/her and give back all the hours of service that were done for others
  • A group to do yardwork at the parsonage (with permission and what they request)
  • Yard signs – organize children, youth, other groups to make yard signs of appreciation
  • A funny skit during service or some other gathering that shows how much you love them
  • Children of the church or preschool to make drawings or pictures for appreciation
  • Fill-in-the-blank insert for the bulletin – why we appreciate our pastor
Low cost:
  • A themed candy bar and note that says something clever – Ex: Snickers bar with a note saying – we Snicker when you say ________ during service. Or thank you for sharing that Jesus is our Lifesaver! Thank you to the sweetest pastor ever! We love you to PIECES! (Reese’s Pieces). There are even printable candy wrappers to customize with your own wrapper for your pastor
  • Spruce up their office – new paint or window coverings of some kind
  • Gift card for books or for their hobby or sport (Create an Amazon or other store wish list to be shared with others)
  • Gift card for dinner, movies, massage, car wash, food delivery (DoorDash/UberEATS)
  • Donate to their favorite charity on behalf of them
  • Set of personalized note cards for all those notes they have to write here and there
  • Monthly subscription for 3-6 months for so many things (snack specialties, hobby)
  • Fun socks or shoes
  • College/seminary alma mater T-shirt or favorite team sport shirt
Higher cost:
  • Update their technology – new phone or device (tablet or laptop)
  • Love offering to be used at their discretion
  • Share points for either a plane ticket or hotel
  • Experiences/adventure during vacation (zip-lining, Segways, kayaking, horseback riding, rafting, etc.)
  • Suit or dress
  • New pastor robe or stole
  • Something for their car (detailing, tinting, new tires, etc.)
  • New golf clubs or golf coaching/lessons
  • Hobby gear like a new fishing pole or clothing for the sport
  • Year membership to something like Sirius – can be used in their car, at home or mobile device
  • Meat from someplace like Omaha Steaks (know that they have freezer space)
  • Membership to a gym or a fitness coach for 3-6 months

~ Janet Earls is the director of Church Vitality and Leadership Development at the Florida Conference.

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