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Churches to mark World Communion Sunday Oct. 4

Churches to mark World Communion Sunday Oct. 4

Close-up of man with graduation cap on from behind
The World Communion Sunday offering will help national and international graduate students. Photo from
World Communion Sunday, designated in The United Methodist Church as a special offering day, is coming up on Oct. 4. To download a church bulletin insert and other print resources for this special day, click here.

Around the globe, countless gifted and qualified people face financial obstacles that hinder them from preparing for the vocation God has given them, especially youth and young adults. For ethnic students who will be the first generation in their families to attend college, or for those people of color who haven’t historically had access to resources that make higher education possible, the road toward education has often been unwieldy.

What would it look like if the church today imitated Jesus’ affirmation of the full dignity and God-given potential of all women and men, especially those who historically have been assigned to the world’s margins? On World Communion Sunday, your giving helps to provide scholarships for national and international graduate students whom God has gifted to learn and to serve.

To watch a video explaining this special day from the United Methodist "Chuck Knows Church" series, click here.