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A Statement Regarding the Shooting of Another Black Man by the Police

A Statement Regarding the Shooting of Another Black Man by the Police

Social Justice

The shooting of Jacob Blake In Kenosha, Wisconsin by a police officer requires a public response from all who affirm that black lives matter, and from all who see human life as sacred.

As his father noted, “My son matters. He’s a human being.”

We are humbled by the grace extended by his Mother, Julia Jackson, in her call for nonviolence and healing and the words of his sister, Latetra Widman, who reminds us of our collective call to be each other's brother and sister's keeper. We recognize that each of us has a role to play in stopping the disproportionate acts of violence against people
of color.

As members of the UMC, we honor the legacy of his grandfather, the Rev. Jacob Blake, Sr., as an African Methodist Episcopal Church pastor and civil rights leader.

And just as importantly, we commit ourselves to the work of anti-racism, in the desire for police reform, and in laws that protect and serve all of our citizens equally. This can only occur in the present as we dismantle the legacy of white supremacy.

Our prayers are with Jacob Blake and his family, for their healing, and for the healing and redemption of the soul of our nation.

Bishop Ken Carter and the Conveners of the Bishop’s Task Force on Anti-Racism:

Training and Accountability
Dr. Candace Lewis
Rev. Esther Rodriguez
Dr. Judith Pierre-Okerson

Public Policy and Public Witness
Rev. Clarke Campbell-Evans
Rev. Juana Jordan
Heather Pancoast
Rev. David Williamson

​Beloved Community
Dr. Sharon Austin
Rev. Corey Jones
Alice Williams

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