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The Florida Conference is dedicated to bringing you news stories about United Methodists here and beyond. Whether the news is about the global church or the church on the corner, look for it here. You’ll also find thought-provoking commentaries and opportunities for education and fellowship. Have a story to share? Email or click here to use our convenient “Submit a story” form.

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United Methodist food pantries face trying times

Missions and Outreach March 26, 2020

One of the main supply sources for the pantries are grocery stores that donate excess food or offer it at a discount. But with store shelves bare throughout the state, there isn't much spare food to give. That has put a crimp in efforts to serve those who need it most.

Feeding Tampa Bay ministry blesses all

Missions and Outreach June 18, 2019

Think Proverbs 19:17: Whoever is generous to the poor lends to the Lord, and he will repay him for his deed. Those volunteering for Trinity Café say it goes way beyond that. They, too, receive blessings for their ministry with those seeking a hot meal.

Riverside members’ homes bring ministry to community

Missions and Outreach June 03, 2019

Even though it has only about 70 members, many of them just as poor as the surrounding community, Riverside has three buildings on a sizeable lot. They have little money, but they reach out with what they do have—their time, their buildings, a parking lot and even their own homes.

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