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The Florida Conference is dedicated to bringing you news stories about United Methodists here and beyond. Whether the news is about the global church or the church on the corner, look for it here. You’ll also find thought-provoking commentaries and opportunities for education and fellowship. Have a story to share? Email or click here to use our convenient “Submit a story” form.

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"I was shocked at what I saw"

Missions and Outreach February 28, 2022

Malnutrition in Angola is beyond the crisis stage. A severe drought has ravaged the land, leaving children particularly vulnerable to starvation. Statistics show 50% of them will die. Icel Rodriguez of the Florida Conference of the United Methodist Church is trying to help.

Annual gala to benefit Casa Vida

Missions and Outreach October 29, 2021

This was 2nd Annual Gala Casa Vida 2021 an event to raise funds for the ministry of the Unity Methodist Mission in Wahneta. Thank God the goal was achieved with the great effort of an intense team of involved leaders of the Board, sponsors, friends and supporters, together with the great support of the mother church St. John's UMC, an example of generosity supporting the missions.

Grants go to fight COVID-19 in India

Missions and Outreach May 10, 2021

A man runs past the burning funeral pyres of people who died from COVID-19, during a mass cremation at a crematorium in New Delhi, India. The escalating crisis in India will be addressed by The United Methodist Church through grants to entities there who have been partners in the past. Photo by Adnan Abidi, Reuters.

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