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The Florida Conference is dedicated to bringing you news stories about United Methodists here and beyond. Whether the news is about the global church or the church on the corner, look for it here. You’ll also find thought-provoking commentaries and opportunities for education and fellowship. Have a story to share? Email or click here to use our convenient “Submit a story” form.

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A Message From Bishop Carter About COVID-19

COVID-19 July 20, 2021

  Dear Florida Conference Clergy and Laity: We continue to pray for you as you navigate this season. We had all hoped we would be through this pandemic by now, but we clearly are not. Like you,...

FLUMC summer interns learn the pastoral experience

July 12, 2021

Meet some of the 2021 pastoral interns in the Florida Conference of the United Methodist Church. This program is for young adults, ages 18-26, interested in exploring ordained ministry through 10-week...

Surfside Condo Collapse Disaster Relief Effort

June 28, 2021

Hundreds of people have been displaced from their homes and rescue teams continue to lead search and recovery efforts. In addition to prayer, you can provide support for the victims.

FDLE makes arrests in scheme to steal money from churches

May 27, 2021

More than 600 churches throughout the country, including 355 in Florida, were victimized by what law officials called "a low-tech but well-organized effort to steal hundreds of thousands of dollars." Some United Methodist churches in Florida were targets.

Grants go to fight COVID-19 in India

Missions and Outreach May 10, 2021

A man runs past the burning funeral pyres of people who died from COVID-19, during a mass cremation at a crematorium in New Delhi, India. The escalating crisis in India will be addressed by The United Methodist Church through grants to entities there who have been partners in the past. Photo by Adnan Abidi, Reuters.

Anti-Racism Storytelling Project

May 06, 2021

Storytelling is the cornerstone for many cultures and religions, including Christianity and our Wesleyan tradition. Jesus taught His lessons through the medium of storytelling and helped challenge and...


April 01, 2021

Maundy Thursday is about an impending incident, the death of Jesus, and all of the events that lead to it. It is a significant act, this night, this meal, and we enter into by thinking about how it is interpreted, how it is "framed". It is an act of betrayal, but it is also an act of love.

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