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New Hybrid Expo

Registration deadline 4/10/2022

In-person booths SOLD OUT

Thank you for your interest in being a vendor for this year's Annual Conference Expo. We are excited to open our expo to Florida Annual Conference ministries, non-profits and commercial vendors as a hybrid model. 

Last year we had such great feedback about the use of a virtual platform that this year, we are offering a new Hybrid option and have upgraded the virtual platform with the use of the app, Whova.  It is an exciting virtual tool for conferences and provides so many options to the exhibitor experience that we have not been able to before.  Click here to review a short video of Whova exhibitor benefits.

Some include:

  • Your logo, pictures, website, and contact information can be shared
  • A short video can be shown explaining your product/ministry
  • Live conversations/demonstrations can be held
  • You can gather leads from people who have visited your booth
  • In-app messaging and direct contact is possible
  • Boost your brand visibility by including raffles/give aways/coupons
  • You are in control of the content seen as you will set up your own profile after you register.

You can review the Whova exhibitors guide by clicking here.

Each booth you purchase is the price below – you must pay when you register:

  • FL Annual Conference Official Ministry
    • ONLINE ONLY - $75
  • Non-Profit Organization
    • ONLINE ONLY - $100
  • Commercial Organization:
    • ONLINE ONLY - $150
  • All online materials must be uploaded no later than May 1st. Questions? Email Allee Willcox E-mail  
  • Refunds for cancellation (either on-site or virtual) will not occur after 5/1/2022.
  • Paid reservations are on a first come/first serve basis.  If we exceed our maximum of 18 in-person booths, you will be notified no later than April 11th 2022.

Please click here to view the 2022 Expo Code of Conduct.  You will be asked to agree to this code of conduct when you register.

Any questions about the Expo can be directed to Allee Willcox E-mail .

CLICK HERE to register!