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Navigating Conflict webinar

Bishop Carter invites you to an incredible webinar on Wednesday, December 9 at 2 pm on the topic of Keeping Peace in Home and Family: Navigating Conflict Through the COVID-19 Pandemic and the Holidays (see detailed description below). This webinar is limited to the first 100 who register and pay here and is intended to help clergy and their families as well as helping clergy work and interact with families in the church. The cost to each clergy person is $35 (a spouse can join on the same device).
Wednesday, December 9th – 2PM to 3:30 PM
Keeping Peace in Home and Family: Navigating Conflict Through the COVID-19 Pandemic and the Holidays
Description: COVID-19 has added enormous amounts of stress, conflict, and anxiety to home and family lives that were already pressed to the max. With a new surge in cases, complicated and ever-changing hybrid-to-home schedules, and the holidays upon us, families are finding themselves at each other’s throats. Perhaps you’re exhausted by trying to keep your beloved senior parent from venturing to the grocery store or your two tweens from spending 14 hours a day in front of Zoom. Or maybe the stress of figuring out whether your family should get together for Christmas this year or telling your cousin that you’re not attending their New Year’s Eve wedding because you know half the people won’t wear a mask are simply fights you can’t handle. If any of these scenarios, or variants of them, resonate for you, then this 90-minute webinar may be helpful.

In this interactive session Bob Bordone, Senior Fellow at Harvard Law School and Founder of the Harvard Negotiation and Mediation Clinical Program, will offer participants practical strategies for navigating conflicts that can pop up with home, family, and friends during the COVID-19 crisis and during the holidays. Bishop Carter has studied with Bob Bordone and enthusiastically recommends this as a substantive and relevant way to live together and lead in this complex season.

The webinar will address why these conflicts can feel more intense than most and how you can address the conflict with both empathy for your loved ones, self-care for you, and grace and charity for all. Participants will acquire specific tools and skills for navigating these tough conflicts and there will be an opportunity for question-and-answer. This webinar is appropriate for individuals or for entire families who want to improve their ability to handle conflict, support each other, and live more peaceably and charitably with each other through these challenging times in our home and family life.

You can seek reimbursement for the $35 from your church’s continuing education funds or the clergy care initiative if you haven't already used those funds.

The deadline to register is December 7. You will receive a Zoom link on December 8 and after the webinar you will receive slides and handouts. 

Please email Shannon Redden if you have questions.