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Monthly Billing Reports

Click here to download monthly reports  (Current monthly statements are available on the 15th of the month)

NOTE:  Pension statements are billed for the month in which they occur - not in advance or in arrears.

The chart below details the difference in what is included and calculated in the CRSP and UMPIP clergy pension plans and why it is strongly suggested that anyone with a parsonage or health supplement make their UMPIP elections a flat dollar amount.

Clergy CRSP Pension Plan Billed by the Conference at 15% based  on the following:                   Clergy UMPIP Payroll Contribution when Calculated on Percentage of salary based on the following:
Salary Salary
Housing Allowance Housing Allowance or
Parsonage -Valued at 25% of salary Parsonage - valued at 25% of salary and will be calculated by Wespath but will NOT be in the church payroll system. (This will result in two different calculations.)
Excludes Healthcare Supplement Healthcare Supplement will NOT be included in the calculation by Wespath.  However, it will be in the church payroll system and picked up on the percentage calculation.  (This will result in two different calculations.)


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