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Mission and Volunteer Training

Did you know about all of the different trainings we have to offer? 

We have multiple trainings to offer. We can adapt any training to fit your congregation and where you serve. Or if there is a specific topic you want to focus on. You can also pick anything from the lists below and only focus on that. All of these trainings can be adapted to global missions or local missions. 

Mission Team Training

  • Learn-Learn your role, for team leader or for team members to understand their roles on the team.

  • Prepare- Train on recruiting the team, to picking the location, getting support, staying safe, planning the work.

  • Impact- Make sure you are having a healthy impact on the community you are serving.

  • Social media? What does it mean on your trip and what impact can it have?

  • Learn helpful resources for your current and future mission trips.

  • Helpful for youth & adult teams.

Healthy Mission Training

  • Impact- Make sure you are having a healthy impact on the community you are serving.

  • Together equip your congregation and ministry groups to help without hurting. As a group, explore ways to apply these principles in your church and community.

  • Together, learn how poverty results from broken relationships—and discover how you can join in Jesus’ work of restoring that brokenness.

  • Help learn how to aware of your own cultural beliefs and values and how these may be different from other cultures.

  • Learn about and how to honor the different cultures of those you work with.

  • Learn how to have a willingness to learn about the cultural practices and worldview of others.

  • Talk through how to have a positive attitude toward cultural differences and a readiness to accept and respect those differences.

  • Helpful for youth & adult teams.

Team Leader Training

  • Connect with others who have a heart for missions.

  • Discover the many resources & locations available through the UMC to lead mission journeys with youth and adults.

  • Ways to recruit.

  • Ideas of places to serve.

  • Develop a strategy for sharing the mission story

  • Become equipped for reaching new, young, and diverse people to be a part of your next mission journey.

Contact Molly McEntire @ or call her at 863-688-5563 x 195