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Mental & Spiritual Health

Maintaining your mental and spiritual health is essential to flourishing in your ministry while preventing burnout. The links below include several resources to help you achieve daily balance.

Depression Awareness

Anxiety Program from Curtis Chang 
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On-Demand Webinars

State of the Church

The State of the Church: You're Not Alone: In this webinar, researcher Mark McPeak discusses a survey of 1,000+ church leaders about the impact of COVID-19 on their ministries. Panel pastors Justin Coleman, Mary Louise McCullough, and DJ del Rosario reacted to the findings and shared their own experiences.

Self care
Taking Self-Care Seriously: Managing Stress so You Can Care for Others: In this webinar, pastors and chaplains will help leaders resist the urge to downplay the need for self-care, and they will give advice and encouragement for techniques for building resiliency. We cannot care well for others if we do not first care for ourselves.
pastoral care
Pastoral Care During Challenges: Spiritually Supporting Your Communities: A panel of pastors and teachers will walk through best practices for helping people during their physical and spiritual crises and discuss how those practices might evolve specifically during this time. Spiritual care is most needed right now, even as it is becoming more challenging. 
empty room
Preaching to an Empty Room: Homiletics teachers, pastors, and other speaking experts share their experiences of and advice for presenting well digitally while remaining authentic during worship.
digital church
Digital Church: A Practical How-To Guide: Panelists review platforms and their experiences of an authentic, digital worship experience. They also discuss how to involve those who are not digitally well connected and how to connect with the new people joining your congregation online. Practical considerations and software examples are provided.
The Art of Hospitality in a Digital World: Pastors will discuss the church’s role in their communities’ well-being and what hospitality might look like in this new normal, with an emphasis on concerns around connection and communication.
Digital Practices
There's No Going Back: Taking Digital Practices into the Future: Pastors and digital communicators will review what they’ve learned during this time of physical distancing, and they will discuss what has changed in virtual worship since March. What worked, what didn’t, and what is imperative for churches to continue to practice. They will also discuss ideas and recommendations for what might be next for churches as they approach a new hybrid setting of in-person and digital connections
Homecoming: Bringing Everyone Back Together: Practical decisions about how and when to return to your physical locations will be considered along with the communal healing that must occur during and after a collective trauma like this pandemic.

Re-View, Re-New, Re-Tool

Right Start Video

Morgan Whitaker-Smith speaks about the emotional journey of being in a time of transition.

Additional Tools

Resilience Scale:

Coronavirus Anxiety Workbook:

Churches That Heal by Henry Cloud:

Shade and Fresh Water: