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March 2020 NW Newsletter




All clergy serving a church in the NW District are asked to attend a meeting on Monday, March 2, 10:30 AM – 1:00 PM at Killearn UMC in Tallahassee with lunch included. Assistant to the Bishop, Alex Shanks, will be sharing some valuable information about the state of the united Methodist church. Full-Time clergy are required to attend and part-time clergy are encouraged to attend.



Wisdom’s Wellspring invites you to “Battle of the Bands” on March 7, 5:30-10:30 PM at the American Legion Hall in Tallahassee featuring Lil’ Grizly, Walker’s Crossing, Crossroads, and more. Get your tickets at



We are offering Lay Servant Training on Fri, March 13 through Sat. March 14 at Tallahassee Heights UMC. It will be Friday 5:30-9:00 PM and Saturday 8:30 AM – 4:00 PM. A Basic class will be offered with Chandra Snell and an Advanced Class – Paths to Prayer – will also be offered with Patricia Brown leading. To register please click here.


MARCH CHURCH REPORTS DUE (All reports due by March 31)

To access these forms, please visit, scroll to the bottom of the page and select “Calendar of reports due”. Go to March and choose the form.

Fiscal Responsibility and Management Policies. Financial Controls, Policies, and Procedures - Review & renew annually. Once in compliance, submit a signed copy of the one page Annual Review and Renewal Document as well as the Document Retention Policy to the district office by March 31.  Click here for Fiscal Responsibility and Management Policies in Local Churches.  

Employee Conduct Policy Adoption. FL Conference Revised Local Church Policy last revised April 2015.  Review and renew annually.

CLERGY FORM: Click here for ECP for clergy. Submit the signed clergy copy to the district office by March 31.

EMPLOYEE FORM: Click here for ECP for local church employees. Copies of the local church employee forms should not be submitted to the district office, but should be filed in their employee file at the local church.

ADOPTION AGREEMENT: Click here - Adopt the revised ECP and submit a signed copy of the Adoption Agreement to the district office by March 31.

Annual Report to the District Housing Committee / Parsonage Checklist. Review & renew annually. Submit a signed copy of the Annual Parsonage Review to the district office by March 31.

Fund Balance Report for the Year End 2019. This report is located in your church dashboard. Report available via the church dashboard login under Fund Balance. 

Child/Youth Protection Policy  Review & renew annually. Submit a signed copy of the Annual Review & Renewal Signature page of the Child/Youth Protection Policy to the district office by March 31. (Should the policy undergo major revisions, submit a complete copy to the district office.) For more information, visit Ministry Protection webpage. 



The Waukeenah United Methodist Church, The Little Church with a Big Heart, founded in 1837 is seeking a pianist. This position will remain open until filled. The pianist will lead the choir during weekly rehearsals (at this time Wednesday evenings) for music accompanying the weekly Sunday morning service. The pianist may also coordinate music selections for other special services, music specials, and events. Normally the pianist only comes to Waukeenah twice a week but on occasion a special trip may be needed.

The pianist works under the supervision of the Pastor. The position is part-time with an annual salary paid on a monthly basis. Incumbent will be allowed three (3) paid Sundays of leave per year. Compensation does not include any other paid employee benefits.


  • • Serve as Church pianist.
  • • Direct weekly music rehearsals.
  • • Coordinate the selection of music for worship and submit this for printing in church bulletin.
  • • Develop and lead special seasonal musical presentations.
  • • Work with other providers of special music.
  • • Communicate appropriately and effectively with church staff, volunteers and choir members.
  • • Meet periodically with the Pastor, Staff-Parish Relations Committee and Worship Committee to evaluate programs and to update plans.

If interested please submit a resume and request for an interview to Pastor Tim Luther at 478-951-8868 or If you would like to learn more about Waukeenah United Methodist Church or the position, please call Pastor Luther or visit