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'Whooosh' came to Saint Mark, Lakeland, for VBS

'Whooosh' came to Saint Mark, Lakeland, for VBS

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Vacation Bible Camp came to Saint Mark, Lakeland, this year during the week of June 24 through June 28.
Campers attended bible school classes in the morning, and in the afternoon participated in a variety of events and resources. There were games and contests all associated with “Whooosh,” the Vacation Bible School theme this year.
The Whooosh program celebrates how, throughout the Bible, monuments are built to remember what God has done in the lives of God's people, from angels that go up and down a ladder, to a river whose water stands up to let God's people cross over on dry land! Participants moved across country, starting with the National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington, D.C., to experience God's power, presence and steadfast love, through pick-up games, spontaneous shows and interactive art, music and craft activities. Participants completed challenges and competed for prizes.
The Buffalo Soldiers, a reenactment group committed to community service, came by to visit. Buffalo Soldiers originally were members of the 10th Calvary Regiment of the United States Army formed on September 21,1866, at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. The nickname was given to the black calvary by Native American tribes who fought in the Indian wars. The children had an opportunity to learn a rarely mentioned part of American history.
Campers were also treated to a movie. Save Our Children, a local community service organization, sponsored an excursion to the movies to see "How to Train Your Dragon.” 
Lakeland firefighters brought a truck and equipment by to show the youngsters close up one of the tools used to keep our community safe. They even demonstrated the jaws of life and gave an in-depth tour and detailed explanation of how the truck works and who does each job on the truck. Information regarding training to become a firefighter was discussed.
And, a visit from the community service office of the Lakeland Police Department and Officer Garibaldi completed the week’s programming. Tips on safety for children and their families were discussed, and officer Garibaldi shared information about how to become a police cadet.  Friday, the end of camp, brought a few special treats and certificates of attendance for all participants.

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