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Through the Roof Ministries

Through the Roof Ministries

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Through the Roof is a special-needs ministry of The United Methodist Church of the Palm Beaches, and it works with people from many churches throughout the area.

Phyllis Parthemer heads the ministry, drawing from her experience as both a special education teacher and the mother of a child with special needs. It gives her a special passion for the ministry.

“I’m living my dream and loving my work,” she said.

When the ministry began in 2014, the group only had three participants who called themselves “the three amigos.” It has grown significantly, with 35 participants from throughout the Palm Beach area, and the name “amigos” stuck.

Parthemer attributed the ministry’s growth to the dedicated work by her team of volunteers, each of whom are members of the church.

Debby Oetinger helped her start the ministry and continues to offer a helping hand.

Abigail Parthemer, Phyllis’ daughter, maintains the website and Facebook page, keeping people informed about what’s going on within the ministry.

​The “amigos” participate in many activities and events as part of the ministry. This includes bi-weekly Amigo Worship services, bowling outings, bingo nights, curbside food delivery fundraisers and much more.

“We recognize that everyone has God-given gifts,” Parthemer said.

Through the Roof Ministries makes the most out of those gifts by giving the amigos a chance to shine, whether by singing, dancing in a talent show, crafting handmade blankets to deliver to the local children’s hospital or leading worship songs during a service.

One of their biggest events of the year is the Night to Shine Prom, sponsored by the Tim Tebow foundation.
More than 400 volunteers from the Palm Beach area work together to put on this event, which has more than 130 guests.

Everyone gets a chance to walk the red carpet and received a crown or tiara to remind them that, as Parthemer said, “We are all kings and queens in God’s eyes.”

“We open our hearts and minds, so they feel accepted. If we accept them, they know God accepts them,” Parthemer said.

On November 3, Through the Roof Ministries will hold a craft fair at the its church. It will feature such items as paintings and decorative crosses. The proceeds will support the ministry and allow for further expansion.

To learn more about Through the Roof Ministries and become involved, visit its website at

—Jordan Chronister is a freelance writer based in Tampa.