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Tally Brew Theology helps a diverse community search for answers

Tally Brew Theology helps a diverse community search for answers

Inclusivity Missions and Outreach

Tallahassee Brew Theology is a Fresh Expression of church that has been growing in the Tallahassee area for almost two years.

We meet over locally crafted beers to discuss thought-provoking topics and build a diverse community of brew theologians. Our community was building community and beginning to explore discipleship when COVID-19 prevented us from meeting face-to-face.

Piper Ramsey-Sumner

Despite the loss of our meeting spaces, the Tally Brew Theology community has quickly adapted to virtual gatherings and meets more often now than before. 

Our group is a part of a larger network of pub communities that exist to brew theology together by having meaningful, interreligious conversations about religion, philosophy, and culture in the casual, inviting spaces of breweries and bars.

You can now find Brew Theology communities meeting in breweries all across America, including Jacksonville.

Originating in Denver, Brew Theology emerged from a desire to engage with diverse conversation partners through healthy, meaningful dialogue about life and spirituality (and nerdy theology stuff).

What we don't include is the baggage that keeps many away from traditional forms of church and with an emphasis on interreligious community building.

Brew theologians are Christian, atheist, Buddhist, and everything in between. Brew Theology organizers often become quickly acquainted with their local breweries, which allows for partnerships and further reach within the greater community.

Each week, your community picks a new topic, and questions are given to spark conversations. Topics have been anything from paganism to the problem of evil. Anything is up for discussion as long as everyone is valued, given space to speak, and follows the most important rule: Don’t Be a Jerk! 

Within the context of these gatherings, brew theologians are encouraged to share their personal stories and relationships with religion and spirituality.

The community is a form of refuge for many who have left their churches or been hurt by certain religious traditions. It is a place to shake off the formalities of traditional church and to freely talk about doubt, anger, hope, and faith.

At Tally Brew Theology, all kinds of people unite at a literal table—coming together through meaningful, diverse conversations, bearing our stories, and building each other up.

It is an opportunity to join a faith community built to thrive within the shifting paradigms of our increasingly globalized world.

Since the beginning of the current pandemic, Tally Brew Theology adapted to gathering online exclusively. We meet through video conferencing every other Thursday evening.

Our brew theologians have found ways to continue supporting our local breweries by ordering their products online. A few months ago, the group began meeting for a meal on weekends between our normal gatherings. We created a family-friendly brunch every other Saturday morning.

We join online with our brewed coffee and breakfast food to catch up, talk about current events, and encourage one another. Our hope is to meet in local cafes and coffee shops one day.

Find Tally Brew Theology on Facebook, Meetup, and Instagram. Learn more about how you can start a Brew Theology community in your area at

--Piper Ramsey-Sumner is the North West District FX Cultivator