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Southwest Florida church goes global for World Communion Sunday

Southwest Florida church goes global for World Communion Sunday

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All the campus pastors
On Sunday, October 3, 2021, Wesley Memorial United Methodist Church of Fort Myers celebrated World Communion Sunday by showcasing the languages and cultures of all four congregations who share its campus.
El Shaddai Haitian UMC Mission Church, Free Methodist Church Brazilian, Venezuelan Church Five Solae, and Faith in the Word African church joined together with Wesley Memorial for a multicultural service to offer a worship offering to the Lord in Creole, Portuguese, Spanish, Banyang (African Dialect), and English.
 “This is what the Church should look like every Sunday,” said Rev. Dr. Debbie Daley-Salinger.
Sunday’s service included a communion sacrament given in multiple languages. Pastor Max Pierre, of El Shaddai Haitian Mission; Pastor Milly, Brazilian, Pastor Dagmi, Venezuelan, Pastor Ekwa, African, along with Pastor Debbie all took part in inviting the congregation to break bread and take the wine together.

“Isn’t it amazing,” Lorna Pierre   said, before she led the congregation into “Because He Lives.” “Different colors, Different nationalities, all coming together, for the LOVE of Christ!”
The worship selections were as diverse as the congregants. Music selections ranged from English-language classic “That Old Rugged Cross,” to “Siyahamba,” an African hymn, the title of which means “We Are Marching.”
As Sarah Markle Wesley Memorial’s Liturgist said during the Prayer of Illumination, “Today was a reminder that no matter where we live, what beautiful language we speak, we all worship the same God.”

Below are some additional pictures from that day:
The different campus pastors prayed over those who came to the altar.
Pastor Dagmi shares the Communion liturgy in Spanish