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Even the littlest ones

Even the littlest ones

Photo from David Shaw, Village UMC, North Lauderdale.

NORTH LAUDERDALE -- For years our church, Village United Methodist, has had a pre-K school as one of its ministries. 

Many kids have come and gone, all with their future brightly laid out before them.

This year there was one student, however, a little girl, who had a few clouds overshadowing her pathway. 

She was born with a serious illness that could flare up at any minute. 

Of course, kids being who they are, her classmates treated her no differently from the way they did each other; and for the most part, her year was uneventful.

About a month before school closed for the summer, the little girl suffered a stroke. At 5 years old, she wound up in the ICU with tubes stuck all over her body.

Her classmates, the school body, and the church members grieved for her but prayed earnestly for her recovery.

Life goes on, and so preparations were made for the class graduation to be held the evening of June 5.

The sanctuary was filled with proud parents, grandparents and other friends and relatives of the smartly dressed graduates.

After certificates were handed out, one young man, also 5 years old, was asked to pray for his stricken classmate. Oh, how he prayed!

He told God that she was their best friend, that she was well behaved and that she always cleaned up after herself. He asked, no, he pleaded with God to make her better.

As soon as the “amen” was said, a loud gasp and then a “hallelujah!” was heard from one of the teachers by the door. 

In walked the little girl and her mother.  

The children ran toward her, everyone anxious to hug her. Finally, the school director was able to extract her from the crowd and place a cap and gown on her.  The emcee read her name aloud, and her certificate was handed to her. She was able to graduate with her class.

There was not a dry eye in Village United Methodist Church that evening, as everyone witnessed the power of a little boy's prayer.