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Light a Candle

Light a candle with
a prayer of HOPE.


Today to the end of Annual Conference, we will embark on a prayer journey that will uplift our spirits and ignite a sense of hope with each prayer and share in the incredible strength that prayer brings. Watch today's video here.

For Family of God UMC Palmetto
Prayers for AC and opening doors for our LGBTQ friends
For the LGBTQ+ community
Prayers for the LGBTQ+ community
Ongoing prayers and love for Michelle, Jim, and Bill
Moving forward to consolidate campus
Renewal of love and hope for the nation
Praying for clergy - as they prepare to vote
Strength During Chemotherapy for Marjorie??
I pray for healing and unity in the UMC.
Health issues that I am managing one day at a time.
For those persons who are vulnerable.
Family of God United Methodist Church
A prayer for personal health improvement.
Prayer for physical healing of Julia and Steven.
Family of God United Methodist Church.
Hoping my church will not vote for disaffiliation today.
Pray for Bishop Berlin as he prepares to lead Annual Conf
pray for Conference staff prepping for Annual Conference
Pray for Beth that she can reconcile with her daughter
Prayers for Bishop Tim Whitaker
Physical healing for friend Sharon