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Lay Servant Ministries - Advanced Course
Aging and Ministry in the 21st Century
November 7-20, 2022 - Online at
Enrolling Now – Registration is Open

Are you inspired to learn new ways of helping your congregation develop an intentional and comprehensive ministry that is by, with, and for Boomers, Gen X'ers, and others in their golden years? These are the older adults who often play leading roles in our congregations. This course explores innovative and practical ways of helping congregations develop outstanding ministry with members of our Baby Boomer Generation and beyond. It offers a rich learning experience that includes knowing more about the aging process and the developmental stages of midlife and older adulthood and how we can best shape our ministry.

This Lay Servant Ministries Advanced course format includes instructor facilitated discussions, two Zoom Meetings and worship.

First Zoom meeting will be on Monday night at 6PM (ET), the first day of the class start. The subsequent Zoom meeting will be determined during that meeting.

Learners will bee to obtain this book for the class: Aging and Ministry in the 21st Century by Richard H. Gentzler, Jr.

LINK TO REGISTER: IFD221 - Aging and Ministry in the 21st Century |