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Conference Lay Leader Message

By Paulette Monroe, Conference Lay Leader

June 25, 2016

The Quadrennial Leadership Training this past weekend was an eye opening experience for me. It was enriching and, yes, meaningful to the degree that I realize that leadership means different things to different people. The speaker, Dr. Weems, began his presentation with a quote from Scott Cormode: “Leadership is helping God’s people take the next faithful step.” He went on to say leadership is not about an individual but a group. It is about the people God has given you. Dr. Weems asked a thought provoking question: Once your goals have been accomplished, what would it look like five years from now, and how would it be tested? He suggests one way is to make sure your vision is in alignment with the whole. Remember, we are the body of Christ and not a collection of body parts.

It pleases me to say that the Board of Lay Ministry is on board and is enthusiastic about the work of empowering the laity of the Florida Annual Conference. The challenge is before us and we are ready to move forward in a direction that will offer Christ to all people.

Rick Warren reminds me of an excerpt from the Christian Post. He shares seven drivers of how one can become an effective leader:

Identification           to know who you are

Clarification             to know what you want to accomplish

Motivation               to know who you are trying to please

Collaboration           work with small groups; never lead by yourself

Concentration         to focus on what’s important

Meditation               to listen to God,

Relaxation               take time to recharge

Yes! We are leaders. We are a cross section of leaders from across the Florida Conference. We are leaders of the church and, therefore, called for a purpose—and that is to be vibrant leaders in the Florida Annual Conference of The United Methodist Church.