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International Medical / Accident Insurance

We are pleased to announce another value added coverage procured by the Florida Annual Conference Ministry Protection insurance program. 

International Medical / Accident coverage is included in the existing insurance package that protects all Conference churches and ministries.   There is no additional cost to the local church for this coverage. 

Coverage includes medical expenses due to treatment, services and supplies for injuries or sickness while participating in volunteer activities outside of the United States, on church-sponsored trips.   

Also included as a part of this insurance package is international crisis management assistance.  24/7 assistance and guidance is provided for the international church group traveler for a wide variety of issues that may arise during travel, including but not limited to:  lost passport or luggage, civil unrest, or other emergencies.     Online safety resources and country specific information will also be available.



The Florida Annual Conference recommends that all group leaders travelling internationally on church sponsored trips follow these travel risk management procedures.

1.   Register your trip with Florida Conference Mission Training and Volunteer Coordinator Molly McEntire E-mail at 1-800-282-8011 x. 195  at least 2 weeks before your departure date.  You should register your church-sponsored trip with Molly even if the trip is not UMVIM related. 

2.   Research vital risk information about the country to which you are travelling using the international travel planning site sponsored by the Ministry Protection Insurance program.  Molly McEntire will provide you access to this site when you register your trip with her.

3.   Review with all travelers, in detail, the risk information for the country where you are travelling.

4.  Print the crisis hot line phone number and email address and distribute it to all group leaders.

5.  Print a copy of the International Accident/Medical Insurance policy summary, located on the "church dashboard", and distribute it to all group leaders.  

6.   If travelling to a country with a “High” or “Very High” risk category  as rated in the travel planning website please contact Ministry Protection at 1-800-282-8011 x199