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Insurance Reports (Database)


The Department for Ministry Protection of the Florida Annual Conference is pleased to announce that it has replaced the insurance database known as “RiskConsole”.   The new database provides a much simplified and user-friendly format for local churches to review their property, casualty and workers compensation insurance information, make changes and print pertinent information.

The new database is part of the existing “Church Dashboard Login” section of the Florida Conference webpage.  This is a familiar section to churches where currently changes are made to church information, contacts, leaders, etc.   Another tab has now been added titled “Insurance Reports”.   In this section, you can easily view and print property and vehicle schedules, approved drivers, etc.


To access your church property and casualty insurance information please use the following steps:

1.      Print these instructions as a reference

2.    Click on the “Church Dashboard” link at the top of this page.
            Note:  If your ministry is not affiliated directly with a local church (Districts, Camps, Children's Home, etc), you must use this login, Extension Ministry LOGIN, or contact Helen Mitchell (  for assistance.

3.    Input your church username and password.   (Your church office should have the username and password.)

4.    Click the “Insurance Reports” tab that is adjacent to the other previously existing tabs.

5.    Here you can review schedules, print reports and request changes

Thank you for your patience as we transition to this new database.  Of course should you have any questions or experience any "glitches" please contact Helen Mitchell E-mail