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Institute of Preaching

Find Your Voice in Preaching

How do we proclaim the good news of God's love made known in Jesus Christ in a rapidly-changing, post-pandemic culture?

The Institute is designed for already capable preachers who are open to personal development through dialogue and reflection with their peers. It is open to Elders and Deacons in the Florida Conference who are actively engaged in the ministry of preaching, and to Provisional Members who have completed their Residents in Ministry requirements, and Local Pastors who have completed their education. 

The basic program is built around three retreats across nine months in which preachers receive inspiration, practical training from communication professionals, and are engaged in peer groups to receive supportive feedback on their sermons. A unique element in the process is congregational involvement through a team of lay persons who are trained to give helpful feedback to their preacher. The retreats also include time for personal rest, reflection and renewal. 

If you are interested in this opportunity please CLICK HERE to submit your application!

In addition, the IOP offers webinars and short-term events focused on specific areas of concern, i.e. “We Aren’t In Kansas Anymore: Preaching in a Virtual World” and “Tipping, Taxing and Tithing: Preaching on Money and Generosity.”  In the year ahead, the IOP will create additional learning opportunities around preaching and racism.