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Institute for Modern Worship

After several years of prayerful discernment, and conversation with local worship leaders and FLUMC clergy; The FLUMC is pleased to
announce our newly formed partnership with The Institute for Modern Worship. It is our hope that, together, IMW and The FLUMC may be able to provide ongoing worship ministry support, and services related to areas of worship ministry, to local FLUMC churches, and persons called to worship ministry. 

The Institute for Modern Worship (IMW) was created by, and for, local church worship leaders out of an expressed desire for community, ministry support, and continuing education amongst persons in worship ministry.

The IMW equips and develops authentic, compassionate, and confident local church worship leaders for fruitful ministry in their local context and beyond. Worship leaders who participate in IMW continuing education tracks and live events will be further educated within IMW's four areas of focus... Theology, Leadership, Administration, and Artistry.

The IMW also serves as an invaluable coaching and consulting resource to church and event leaders who seek assistance in hiring and developing a strong worship ministry presence in their ministry context. 

To submit a request for IMW services, please click here.  You may also contact IMW directly at

Contact or questions:  Jeremy Hearn at