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Information on AC Zoom Webinar for Sept 19, 2020

August 7, 2020
Dear Lay and Clergy Members of the Florida Annual Conference:
As previously mentioned, here is an update on Annual Conference 2020, to be held virtually on Saturday, September 19, 2020 via Zoom webinar. There is a lot of information below, so please read carefully and keep this email handy for reference.

All lay and clergy members of the Annual Conference should plan to be present on the September 19, 2020 Zoom webinar in order to participate in the virtual 2020 Annual Conference session beginning at 9 am. The Zoom webinar will open at 8:30 am to allow members of the Annual Conference with voice and vote to enter. The Annual Conference session will begin promptly at 9:00 am and conclude around 11:30 am. Guests of the annual conference are invited to join the session via livestream from

In order to authenticate lay and clergy membership of the Annual Conference to be able to join the Zoom webinar, you will need to first register here. Once your membership as a lay or clergy member of the Annual Conference has been authenticated, you will receive by email a link to register for the September 19 Zoom webinar. (Note: Registration is a two-step process.)

The first order of business on September 19 will be to amend our standing rules to authorize virtual voting. This method of remote communication will enable every member to speak and vote at the session and hear the proceedings of the session. After the essential business items (for example: consideration of Conference Committee on Leadership nominations for Conference boards and agencies, election of Conference lay leader, approval of 2021 budget, church closures, etc.) have been addressed, we will then virtually honor our retiring clergy at 11:30 am and share in a virtual memorial service at 1:30 pm (following a break for lunch beginning around noon). All of these virtual events will be accessible via livestream for guests and the Zoom webinar for members of the Annual Conference.

Specific details of the essential items of business and the proposed standing rule change as well as a more detailed agenda will be posted on the week of August 17 in order to prepare you for the Pre-Conference Orientations to be held on August 20 and September 1.
In order to prepare yourself for Annual Conference 2020, please register here for one of two virtual Pre-Annual Conference Orientation sessions to be held as follows:

Thursday, August 20, 6:00 pm REGISTER HERE
Tuesday, September 1, 6:00 pm REGISTER HERE

These dates replace previously scheduled district-specific orientations. Both orientation webinars will be hosted by Rev. Alex Shanks and Rev. Dr. Sharon Austin, Annual Conference Planning Team co-chairs and include a presentation by Mickey Wilson, Interim Conference Treasurer. Members of the Annual Conference will have the opportunity to test the Annual Conference Zoom webinar platform during these orientations, ask questions, and learn about the essential items of business that will be covered during the Annual Conference session. For those unable to attend, the webinars will be recorded and later posted to
Your Annual Conference planning team is working on a list of FAQs and those will be posted to next week.  If you have a question you would like answered, please email and it will either be included in the FAQ or answered directly. 
We want to thank all of you for your flexibility during this time. We are praying for each of you, your families and your churches as we continue to navigate these uncertain waters. 
On Mission Together,
The Florida Annual Conference Session Planning Team