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Important Notes about our Virtual Annual Conference:

  1. Due to safety concerns associated with the Covid-19 global pandemic, the 2021 Florida Annual Conference will be held by remote communication via a Zoom webinar.
  2. For all purposes, this electronically conducted meeting is deemed to be the equivalent of an in-person meeting.
  3. Members of the Annual Conference, with the right to vote, will include:
    1. clergy members in full connection
    2. provisional, associate and affiliate clergy members
    3. full and part-time local pastors under appointment
    4. elders or ordained clergy from other denominations serving under appointment within the Florida Conference
    5. laity who are members of the Annual Conference by charge conference vote, by virtue of Discipline or Conference Standing Rules, youth members and those designated to serve as at-large lay members
    6. alternate lay members when seated in place of the lay member.
  4. The bar of the annual conference shall contain all conference members who log in through the Zoom webinar login information for the annual conference provided by the Florida Conference office.
  5. Members of the Annual Conference are responsible for ensuring that all necessary technology on the member’s side of the meeting is in proper working order prior to the meeting.  Those present will be counted by electronic log-in and are deemed to be present for the meeting and will constitute a quorum.   
  6. All votes taken shall be conducted in accordance with The Book of Discipline of the United Methodist Church and 2021 Florida Conference Session Rules.  Poll logs will be maintained for all votes.
  7. The meeting will be conducted in a manner such that all participants are afforded a reasonable opportunity to simultaneously hear discussion.  Only items in the published agenda will be considered.  All participants will have the right to speak and address those in attendance. All those who have the right to vote will be able to vote on all matters submitted during the meeting.
  8. To maintain an open meeting, the Annual Conference meeting will be livestreamed and recorded for playback.