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Implementation of Background Screenings

Churches are charged with the responsibility to ensure the safety of all their staff and parishioners. The Florida Annual Conference's number-one priority is helping churches and related ministries and agencies protect the people their ministries seek to serve.  We encourage all churches and ministries to obtain a comprehensive background check through a background screening company.

An online service provides access to the information needed to make an informed hiring or volunteer placement decision. Through the use of a background screening company, churches and related ministries and agencies can responsibly manage hiring and volunteer placement and, as a result, reduce the possibility that a child or vulnerable adult will be exposed to harm.
Background Checks should include all of the following:
  • A national criminal background screening
  • A search of the Florida Criminal History Database (Obtain a Criminal History ( ,
  • a search of the National Sex Offender database
  • a Social Security verification to confirm identity
Background Check Options:
  • Trak-1 Technology - Office: 918.779.7000 Ji Kim, Account Manager      
  • To access the Trak-1 Technology package, please utilize the link and access Initial Access Password:  xCZ919noted below.  
  • Any company that will perform a background check that includes all of the above-referenced criteria.