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Implementation of Background Screenings

The Florida Annual Conference and Trak-1 Technologies are working together to enable ministries to operate in a safe and secure environment. The conference’s number-one priority is helping churches and related ministries and agencies protect the people their ministries seek to serve.

This online service provides access to the information needed to make an informed hiring or volunteer placement decision. Through the use of Trak-1’s screening products and by implementing the services Trak-1 offers, churches and related ministries and agencies can responsibly manage hiring and volunteer placement and, as a result, reduce the possibility that a child or vulnerable adult will be exposed to harm.
When people are harmed by those working on behalf of our church they often lose faith in the church community and resources for ministry are diverted to costly litigation.  Background screening is a reliable tool in fulfilling expectations for responsible hiring and volunteer placement and for preserving faith communities and ministry resources.  

Now churches and church-related agencies can obtain comprehensive background checks without incurring extensive charges. For as low as $12.50 per person, ($50.00 one-time set up fee) churches will have the availability to run an Instant Child Protection Package, includes information on a multi-state criminal and sexual offender search, plus a Social Security trace which will verify the person’s identity.
To access this package, please utilize the link and access password noted below.  
Trak-1 Automated Setup              Initial Access Password:  xCZ919

For more information about Trak-1 contact:
Ji Kim
Account Manager
Trak-1 Technology
Phone: 918.779.7000
Fax: 918.779.6554