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Hybrid Church Webinar


As we experience the continuing implications of a pandemic with a long tail, we now find ourselves facing different problems. As devastating as COVID-19 has been, it has also created a kind of un-frozenness for the Church and a whole new world of opportunity.
Barna research suggests that, as in other sectors of life, it will be some time before the Church in the U.S. is back to normal—and even then it will be a “new normal.” This new normal will include a “Hybrid Church” in which onsite and online forms of church are blended together in our continuing mission to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.

Many people were already “living hybrid” as our online and offline lives were becoming increasingly integrated. The pandemic accelerated this reality. “Online church” is more than streaming worship services. We have learned that worship, evangelism, and discipleship can occur in digital space.

In this webinar practitioners of hybrid ministry will share stories of forming and sustaining Christian community in analog and digital space. We will explore ways we can avoid defaulting back to a normal of decline, and how we can pivot into a thriving future!

This webinar recorded June 17, 2021