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How to check your Spam folder for emails from Zoom

It may also be necessary to check your Spam folder for these emails, as some services may mistakenly mark them as Spam. 


  1. Select More.
  2. Select Spam.
  3. Search for

Note: For Gmail, you can also search all mail folders by selecting All Mail under More, then searching for


  1. Select Junk Mail.
  2. Search for


  1. Select Spam.
  2. Search for

If you are still unable to find the emails or you no longer have access to your original email address associated with your Zoom account, contact Zoom Support.

How to troubleshoot users not receiving activation emails

When adding new users to a Zoom account, those users will receive activation emails to join the Zoom account. Some users may experience issues with not receiving activation emails and are therefore unable to accept the invitation to join the account.

After you've checked IP addresses and spam filters, and confirm that users still aren't receiving activation emails, you can submit a request to Zoom Support to check if the email address is on a bounce list.