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Health and Pension Benefits Billing Information

Health and Pension Benefits

When you log into the system to view your Health & Pension you will see a statement. This statement allows you to view and select any specific invoice number that has been generated from the new accounting system. You will notice in the statement different invoice types.

  • Invoices that begin with the letter H will include only the Medical portion of your benefit.
  • Invoices that begin with the letter B will include benefits such as Life, Dental, & Flexible spending accounts.
  • Invoices that begin with the letter P will be your Pension benefit.

The statement will also provide you with payment information as we receive them. You will also see a total due toward the bottom of the statement. The invoices indicated above will be highlighted in a blue color until you select the invoice. To view the specifics of an invoice, simply click on any invoice highlighted in blue. This will open the details of that invoice in a new window in explorer. The invoice will have all the details, such as, the person whom we are billing, the type of benefit they are enrolled in with the applicable dollar amount.

When mailing your payment to the lockbox, please include a copy of your statement and include the invoice number(s) on the check or check stub. This is necessary so that the payment is applied properly. This new format also makes it easy to allocate your funds in your payables. Simply copy and paste into excel and sort and subtotal by benefit type. 

Click Here to download your statements

Please send all payments to the following address:
Regions Bank
P.O. Box 850001
Orlando, FL 32885-0189