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Ham Radio

Ham Radio Operators Support Disaster Recovery Ministry

The primary mission of this group is to develop an effective emergency communications team to support the churches and people of the Florida Conference of The United Methodist Church during times of disaster.

Ham radio is well known as a reliable form of communication in emergencies when all other forms of communication may be down. The ham radio in the conference center in Lakeland was a vital communication link during the hurricanes in 2004 and 2005. 

Florida UMC hams currently host a Florida Disaster Recovery Net every Wednesday evening at 8:30 pm and Saturday morning at 8:30 am on 3.941 MHZ.  When band conditions are not good, the Florida Disaster Recovery Net will switch to 7.242 MHZ. Only switch to 7.242 when the band conditions are not good on 3.941.

Participants can also check in at Echolink node 311633.

Ham operators who are interested in joining the conference network may contact Reverend Thom Street at 239-657-2841, or email or Trish Warren at 800-282-8011, extension 148, or