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Group Meal Agreement

The 2019 Annual Conference will be held at Florida Southern College on June 5-8.  All meals associated with the Annual Conference, including those needing a meal room or holding their meal off-site, are required to complete this form.  Final dates and times of your meal may need to be adjusted to prevent schedule conflicts. 

We will be publishing ALL 2019 Annual Conference meals at one time and on the Annual Conference website. This will occur the first part of May.

All group meals will be required to have an online registration, managed by the FLUMC. Deadline for attendee registration will be 5/24/2019.

Note:  Attendees will be required to pay in full at the time of registration. You will be required to have a person at the door to check people in who have paid and only allow on-site sign up for the amount of extra meals you have.  Walk-ins should be limited to control food costs.

This form must be completed and submitted not later than May 1, 2019. 

Group Meals Forms