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The Green Church Checklist

The Green Church Checklist

Church Communication/Teaching

  • Preach an environmental stewardship sermon or message series

  • Hold an annual “Earth Day Sunday”

  • Invite speakers on environmental justice to speak at church events

  • Shift church communications from paper to electronic media

  • Include a Creation Care section in the church online newsletter

  • Teach Creation Care classes in Sunday school and evening groups

  • Celebrate your successes on message and bulletin boards, articles in the paper

  • Post on Social Media, church website, Facebook page, and more

  • Update churches Apps to include creation care themes

  • Create a Creation Care online study or Bible App reading program


The Church Facility

  • Measure the carbon footprint of the church facility and pledge to reduce it by 10% each year

  • Conduct a professional energy audit of the church facility

  • Set HVAC on timers, office machines on power strips, turn off appliances overnight, unplug rarely used appliances and put outdoor lights on sensors

  • Replace incandescent bulbs with LEDs

  • Install energy-efficient windows and doors

  • Buy Energy Star™ appliances

  • Install water saving toilets and tankless or solar water heaters

  • Install electric vehicle charging stations and roof top solar panels

  • Install drip irrigation, micro watering systems


Fellowship Hall/Kitchen/Dining

  • Shift to reusable dishes and utensils and avoid single use plastic and foam

  • Use locally grown food for church events

  • Recycle paper/bottles/cans/glass and compost kitchen scraps



  • Involve children and youth with nature events, gardening, and Creation Care VBS

  • Show an environmental justice film and invite the community

  • Create a church community garden and consider giving the harvest to a food bank

  • Shift to organic landscape care and plant fruit trees.

  • Develop a church composting program, use compost in plant beds

  • Start a Gardeners Church Club or Seed Saving Club small group

  • Hold an email or letter-writing campaign, meet with elected officials to tell them environmental justice should be reflected in public policy decisions

  • Attend rallies, town halls and council meetings, local environmental events

  • Join with other congregations to support Creation Care efforts

  • Divest from fossil fuels

  • Hold a Creation Care photography contest