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Grant Application Guidelines

Grant-Scholarship Guidelines & Links

In order to provide the best opportunity to evaluate and endorse a grant application in a timely manner the following process will be followed.

  1. The grant application must be signed by the pastor (or Extension Ministry director) in charge.  By her/his signature the pastor or Extension Ministry director) in charge indicates that s/he is aware of the grant application and is in agreement with its contents.
  2. The grant application must then be signed by the district superintendent.  In doing so the superintendent is giving his/her endorsement that this is a valid request and that the congregation (or ministry) making application is in a strategic place to fulfill the objectives of the request.
  3. After the above two signatures are secured the application must be forwarded to the Conference Director of Connectional Ministries no later than thirty (30) days previous to the deadline for application to be mailed to the grantors.  Applications received with less than thirty (30) days for processing will not be completed.
  4. The Director of Connectional Ministries will review the application and may solicit review from appropriate Conference staff personnel who have expertise regarding the nature of the grant application.
  5. Upon reaching a decision of affirming and signing the application, the Director of Connectional Ministries will then request that the other required signatures be affixed to the application.  In order they would be:
  1. The Treasurer of the Florida Conference (if required by the grant)
  2. The Bishop of the Florida Conference
  3. If the Bishop is unavailable, the Assistant to the Bishop will provide the needed endorsing signature
  1. Upon the completion of the above steps the completed application will be returned to the pastor in charge where upon s/he will forward the application to the appropriate granting body. 

Here are some other websites to visit when researching grant possibilities: