Gifts and Memorials

It was through the Memorials given in the memory of clergy children that the work of Shade and Fresh Water began it’s inception almost ten years ago. The Board of Shade and Fresh Water hopes that the work can continue to be supported by clergy families, districts, local churches, and our other gracious supporters donating to help clergy families in the Florida Conference. Please consider giving your gift in honor of or in memory of a loved one.

If you would like to contribute in the support of this ministry or make donations in memory of or in honor of someone specialplease contact Rev. Mark Whittaker, Shade and Fresh Water Treasurer. Please make checks payable to the Florida Conference Treasurer.

18 Byrsonima Ct. S
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We present this page to you as a reminder of the communion of Saints who surround this work in its vision and vitality.

Corry Alan Rankin
Born April 28, 1977
Made the Transition October 29, 2002

Corry Rankin is the son of Rev. Larry Rankin and Trudy Rankin. His last personal contact with his family was at the wedding of his sister, Jana, in June 2002. Corry lived with his parents while they served churches in Tampa, Lakeland, and New Port Richey. He went with his family to live in Costa Rica when he was in Elementary School. His parents worked with Alfalit International.

Corry loved adventure. He thought that people watched TV in the United States because life was so boring here, in comparison to Costa Rica. He told his sister it was easy to speak Spanish-all you had to do was fill you mouth full of gum and talk fast!He loved music, finding that through the cello, he could most adequately communicate. He made the cello that he performed on in the last three years of his life.Corry was engaged to Alison Mah-Poy, of Montreal. She shared his love of music, playing the violin in the Montreal Symphony. Corry couldn’t believe that he could fall in love with someone who was so similar to his sister-he once secretly looked into her journal and found that she made lists of things that she needed to do, just like his sister!Corry wished that the church could be less complicated. He wished that people could enjoy each other more. He was surrounded by friends and family who always loved being with him. He is remembered as one who felt that music and the arts could heal. He may be continuing to make this healing a reality in his Resurrected body.

Dana Allen Dodge
Born May 24, 1976
Passed June 24, 2003

Dana Dodge is the son of Reverend David Dodge and Patti Dodge of Lakeland.  He is the older brother of Lara Dodge. Memorials in Dana’s memory have been given to the ongoing work of Shade and Fresh Water.

Dana, a bicentennial baby, was born in Pensacola. He was active in the churches served by his family in Coral Gables and Gainesville. Dana shared special memories with his father in North Carolina at Lake Junaluska camps.

Dana was born ready to participate and embrace creation with family and friends.  He was sensitive, outgoing, and creative. Dana’s unique personality drew him to defend and befriend the underdog. From kindergarten to his professional landscape designing, Dana was an advocate for those shunned by others.

Dana designed, installed, and landscaped his first pond and waterfall at age 15, complete with koi and waterlilies.

Dana had a passion for relationships, imagination, creativity, playing the drums, soccer, skateboarding, Frisbee golf, and humor. Dana created fun and laughter.

We are often reminded that Dana is a river whose streams make glad the city of God. The dragonfly, lover of the pond, mysteriously swoops and dashes about us. These frequent visits instill a spirit of wholeness, transformation, and promise of everlasting life.

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