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General Risk Management



On-Site Safety Evaluation Request Information
Risk control on-site evaluation focusing on fire and life safety, hazard identification, security and general safety issues.

Property Appraisal Request Information
Appraisal available at no cost to your church.  Appraisals can assist in establishing the proper value for insurance reporting purposes 

Video and Audio Licensing Information
Information regarding licensing and limited use of music and videos in your church and ministries.

Certificates of Insurance 
Questions and Answers about certificates of insurance and why they are crucial if an outside group is using your facility

Contractors & Service Company Risk Control 
Contractors and service companies provide many valuable services, but expose the church to signfiicant losses and liability.  There are steps that can be taken to mitigate this risk.  

Employee or Independent Contractor?
An important question when a church hires, retains or selects a new person to perform a particular job.  Serious tax and other financial consequences may result if the person is misclassified.  

Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Program
Defibrillators available through a cooperative partnership with Cardiac Science, a recognized market leader in AED's.