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General Conference Delegate Nominees

Announcing the List of Nominees from the
Florida Annual Conference for Election to
the 2020 General Conference Session

During the 2019 Annual Conference Session, we will be electing Lay and Clergy members who will serve as our representatives to the General Conference and Jurisdictional Conference Sessions. We will begin by electing eight (8) Lay and eight (8) Clergy members to serve as our delegates to the General Conference Session. We will then elect an additional eight (8) Lay and eight (8) Clergy members to serve as our delegates to the Jurisdictional Conference Session. Finally, members will elect six (6) Lay and six (6) Clergy members to be on stand-by as “Reserve” delegates in the event one of those elected above is unable to serve.

I am pleased to announce that 45 Lay members and 56 Clergy members of the Florida Annual Conference have completed the on-line self-nomination process for election to the 2020 General and Jurisdictional Conference Sessions. Below are links that will automatically direct you to the lists of Lay and Clergy nominees. There you will find a picture, a summary of their basic biographical information, their local and connectional Church involvement and their vision of/for The United Methodist Church in the future.

Second Opportunity to Self-Nominate

Eligible members of the Annual Conference will have a second opportunity to nominate themselves for consideration as a delegate to the General and Jurisdictional sessions. The Elections Procedures Committee will have tables set up to accept self-nomination forms during both the clergy and laity sessions, as well as the opening of the first session of Annual Conference. Forms will be available at those same tables.

Eligible laity and clergy may choose to download the appropriate self-nomination form from the link below to fill out at your leisure and present it to one of the representatives during the time blocks listed above. Blank forms will also be available at the same tables should you desire to fill them out at that time. I would suggest that laity bring a letter from your pastor verifying your membership to streamline the verification process.

Once eligibility is verified, you will be presented with a ribbon to attach to your name badge, which indicates that you are a candidate for election. We will then provide those names to the members of the Annual Conference for consideration of election during the balloting process.

As Methodists we are a people of prayer seeking God’s direction to move with the Holy Spirit. Please be in prayer for those who have and are still in discernment to serve as representatives on our behalf. Fast and pray for insight and wisdom as we make these decisions together that we can truly be a people who reflect and reveal the Kingdom of God, a people making disciples of Jesus Christ.

Rev. Cory Britt
Chair, Elections Procedures Committee

Click here for voting guidelines

Click here for laity nominations

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Click here to download the self-nomination form for laity 

Click here to download the self-nomination form for clergy

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