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General Conference Delegate Nominees

Announcing the List of Nominees from the
Florida Annual Conference for Election to
the 2016 General Conference Session

During the 2015 Annual Conference Session, we will be electing Lay and Clergy members who will serve as our representatives to the General Conference and Jurisdictional Conference Sessions.   We will begin by electing nine Lay and nine Clergy members to serve as our delegates to the General Conference Session.  We will then elect an additional nine Lay and nine Clergy members to serve as our delegates to the Jurisdictional Conference Session.   Finally, members will elect seven Lay and seven Clergy members to be on stand-by as “Reserve” delegates in the event one of those elected above is unable to serve.    With all of the ballots to be cast, it will be a busy Annual Conference Session indeed.

I am pleased to announce that 38 Lay members and 40 Clergy members of the Florida Annual Conference have completed the on-line self-nomination process for election to the 2016 General and Jurisdictional Conference Sessions.  Below are links that will automatically direct you to the lists of Lay and Clergy nominees.  There you will find a picture, a summary of their basic biographical information, their local and connectional Church involvement, and their vision of/for The United Methodist Church in the future. 

Eligible members of the Annual Conference will have a second opportunity to nominate themselves for consideration as a delegate to the General and Jurisdictional Sessions.   Representatives from the Elections Procedures Committee will be available from 8:00 a.m. until 11:00 a.m. at the locations established for the meetings of the Clergy Session and the Lay Session.  Eligible members may complete the registration form at that time.  Once verified, those names will be provided to the members of the Annual Conference for consideration of election during the balloting process.  No additional names may be added after the 11:00 a.m. deadline.

What now?   Begin to pray for these individuals who have voluntarily offered themselves to serve on our behalf.  Begin to pray for those who are sensing a call to serve as delegates between now and the second self-registration opportunity.   Begin to pray for God’s insight and illumination as you decide those for whom you will cast your vote.   Begin to pray for all of those persons who will soon be elected from Annual Conferences all around the world.   And, most importantly, begin to pray that the decisions and directions to be established by the General Conference and Jurisdictional Conference Sessions will keep The United Methodist Church ever focused on its mission – to make disciples of Jesus Christ.   Blessings!

Dr. Kenneth L. Minton
Conference Secretary

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"Field of delegate nominees takes shape"  Florida Conference Connection news story - March 3, 2015

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