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Fresh Expression with Bishop Carter

Explore the wave of new Christian churches emerging to reach unchurched and dechurched people living in a culture that is increasingly non-religious and multi-religious. These established churches and new faith communities gather with people who typically have never been to church, listening to them and meeting them where they are on their journey toward Jesus. They have learned fresh ways to communicate their identity through discipleship.

Our presenter is Bishop Kenneth Carter, resident bishop of the Florida Conference of The United Methodist Church  and author of  "Fresh Expressions:  A New Kind of Methodist Church" (with Audrey Warren; Abingdon Press, 2017)


Bishop Carter will cover such topics as including redefining connection and evangelism, fresh expressions of our Methodist faith, and missional relationships in our current cultural landscape. 

Fresh Expressions is an international movement of missionary disciples cultivating new Methodist churches in partnership with existing congregations to reach unchurched and dechurched people.