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Florida Delegation to General Conference

Legislative Committee Assignments

Lay delegates:

Molly McEntire - Global Ministries

Derrick Scott III – Conferences

Alice Williams – Higher Education & Ministry/Superintendency

Mickey Wilson – Financial Administration

Russ Graves – Church and Society 2

Jeremy Hearn – Discipleship

Rachael Sumner – General Administration

Carlene Fogle-Miller – Faith and Order

Janet Earls – Local Church


Clergy delegates:

Sue Haupert-Johnson – General Administration

Alex Shanks – Conferences

Rini Hernandez – Discipleship

Dionne Hammond – Judicial Administration

Harold Lewis – Independent Commissions

David Dodge – Higher Education & Ministry/Superintendency

Cynthia Weems – Financial Administration

Jacquie Leveron – Faith and Order

Sharon Austin – Church and Society 1