Florida Conference Logos


The Florida Annual Conference logo may be used by any ministry or agency of the Florida Conference of the United Methodist Church. This includes all Florida Conference United Methodist churches and their respective boards and ministries, and all ministries, boards and agencies of the Florida Conference and its nine districts. It may not be used by outside groups or ministries housed in United Methodist churches, except in conjunction with the church’s name as host or sponsor of that group.

The purpose of the logo is to create a visual identity for the Florida Conference that people within and outside the church will recognize. It identifies the Florida Conference as part of the worldwide United Methodist Church, but also as part of the unique group of people called United Methodists in Florida. Using a common logo tells people that though the Florida Conference is diverse, there is a common connection, identity and mission among its ministries.

The logo may be used as needed, within certain guidelines. It can be used on church Web sites, letterhead, newsletters, bulletins and business cards. It may also be used on publicity material, including signs, banners, fliers, brochures, videos and PowerPoint presentations.


Do not change the colors. The logo is provided in four-color, two-color (red and black), and black and white.

Do not add or remove any lettering or graphics. Churches or ministries may add their name adjacent to the logo, but not overlapping it.

The logo may be used in conjunction with other logos or graphics, but the two must not overlap or be merged in any way.

The logo may be resized, but the proportions must be kept the same.


The logo is provided in three color schemes and three formats. How the logo is used determines the appropriate color scheme and format to use.

Color Schemes

Four-Color — Use the four-color logo in Web sites, videos and PowerPoint presentations. It may be used in printed material produced in color. Color printing is the most expensive option. The colors in this logo must not be altered.
Two-Color — The denomination’s Cross and Flame logo is two-color (black and red). Churches or ministries that already use it on their business cards or letterhead may choose to use the two-color Florida Conference logo. Two-color printing is more economical than full-color. The colors in this logo must not be altered.
Black & White — This is also known as one-color. This logo is best for any material intended to be photocopied or printed in any one color. This scheme may be changed to any other one color. For example, if a church’s letterhead is blue ink on cream paper, the one-color logo may be converted to the same blue.

File Formats

PDF — This format is preferred by most commercial printers. It should be used if a printed piece is professionally designed and produced.
JPG — JPG files are intended only for use on Web sites, PowerPoint presentations and videos. They are low-resolution images and do not print well.
TIF — A TIF file is best for desktop printing. It is compatible with most desktop publishing applications, including Microsoft Word and Publisher, Adobe PageMaker and Corel WordPerfect. Commercial printers can also use TIF files.


Horizontal logo 2 color eps file 
Horizontal logo 3 color eps file 
Horizontal logo black & white eps file 
Horizontal logo black & white tif file 
Horizontal logo black & white small jpg file 
Horizontal logo black & white medium jpg file 
Horizontal logo black & white large jpg file 
Horizontal logo color pdf file 
Horizontal logo 4 color tif file 
Horizontal logo color web jpg file 


Stacked logo 2 color eps file 
Stacked logo 3 color eps file  
Stacked logo black & white eps file  
Stacked logo black & white tif file 
Stacked logo black & white small jpg file 
Stacked logo black & white medium jpg file 
Stacked logo black & white large jpg file 
Stacked logo color pdf file 
Stacked logo 4 color tif file 
Stacked logo color web jpg file

If you have questions about the logo or its usage or would like additional information please contact Gretchen Hastings at ghastings@flumc.org  or 800-282-8011, extension 505.
Because the Florida Conference logo also includes the United Methodist Church’s Cross and Flame logo, it is important to become familiar with the General Commission on Finance and Administration’s guidelines for its use. These guidelines are available at http://www.gcfa.org/trademarks

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