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Florida Advocacy Day

Hello Advocates,
It is time to lift your voices, pens, paper and keyboards! It is time to let our legislators know just how important kids are to us! 

As you know, your Florida Advocacy Days Planning Team has been hard at work finding ways for us to continue to do our important work in a pandemic. We have taken the opportunity to put together some resources that will help you do just that. Now, we’re asking you to use them!

This is the time to write or call your legislators on important issues that help us advocate for the needs of children & families.  We have the tools to help you do that! 


  • Please review the information, links, and knowledge below
  • THEN, get out those pens and keyboards and take what you have learned to the legislature!


Feel free to pass this along to your church, small groups, your friends, etc. We will be following up with you to hear your stories of how you stood up for children and families  during a pandemic!

See the FAD training that was conducted on 4/7 by going to the training page.  Click the link on the left side of this page.

As a special note, our work won’t stop after Children’s Week, your Florida Advocacy Days Planning Team remains hard at work to lay out a 12 month process to advocate year round.  Continue to watch for updates!

In Solidarity,

Your FAD Planning Team


Members of the Florida Conference conducted training on 2/22/21 for Children's Week on Social & Racial Equity.  This training was conducted throughout the entire state.  




Florida Advocacy Days (FAD) is changing to better meet the needs of the children, families, and organizations we serve today and for the future! We bring you an update about our work during the pandemic AND our plan to extend our efforts into 12 months of advocacy. We are deeply grateful for your work and hope you will give your time, talent, care, and passion to address the needs of children and families through advocacy. 

FAD is a vital partnership between the 11th Episcopal District of the African Methodist Episcopal Church, the Florida Conference of the United Methodist Church, and Florida Impact to End Hunger. Our united effort to lift the voices of children and families in the legislative process always leaves us changed for the better, and has brought meaningful impact to Florida's most vulnerable communities, even though the pandemic.

Advocacy in 2021 will be like no other.  We will  not gather in Tallahassee as in previous years as we follow COVID-19 protocols and restrictions on in-person gatherings for our denominations and the Legislature. We are preparing the tools and information you need to adjust to this reality. Our work will go on and our call to it is as clear as any year. Indeed, the children and families we advocate for are in need and the pandemic only makes their need more acute.

Adapting to the pandemic is important for our work, but other changes to how we advocate have been in our hearts and minds for a while. We suspect you have felt a desire to do things differently too. For years we have set aside a few days to call upon legislators in their offices and speak with clarity about the needs of Florida’s children and families during Children’s Week. This is deeply important work that we want to expand into 12 months of advocacy. We are developing a strategy to bring the voices of children, families, and their advocates to the Legislature year-round. This includes a detailed timeline for action, an online toolkit with bill information and guidance for advocacy, and communications from the FAD team to keep you up to date on the work. We hope you will continue to join us on this journey.

We feel a sense of excitement and urgency for our advocacy. We pray you feel it too. Updates on adapting to the pandemic and 12 months of advocacy are coming soon, so be on the lookout. Making an impact in the legislative process has never been easy and we are grateful for your commitment to it. Our witness to those making laws is powerful. And it is necessary. We look forward to continuing this work with you.