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Florida Advocacy Days

Florida Advocacy Days (FAD) is a vital partnership between the 11th Episcopal District of the African Methodist Episcopal Church, the Florida Conference of the United Methodist Church, and Florida Impact to End Hunger. We work year-round to lift the voices of children and families in the legislative process with focus on food insecurity, nutritional need and access to housing. We also advocate on issues that directly affect peoples' ability to participate in the political process.  

2023 FLORIDA ADVOCACY DAYS  3/26 - 3/28


We are excited to, once again, be focused on bringing awareness to those less fortunate.  This year, we continue with our Hybrid event where we will pray, learn and provide voice on the bills/issues being presented at the Tallahassee legislative session.




Join us all 3 days, or those days that you can!!!

  • Sunday, 3/26 at 2pm we Worship at Saint Paul's UMC, 1700 North Meridian Road,  Tallahassee 32303.. We lift up in prayer, our work, and those we work for.  This event is live, and we will also record and post on this website, after the event.  Click here to view the Order of Worship.
    • LIVE STREAM THE SERVICE - A special thanks to Saint Paul UMC for this ability!

  • Monday, 3/27 at 10:00 a.m. we will hold a virtual presentation on the bills we would like to lift up.  Speakers and presenters will bring forth history, information and a call to action.  CLICK HERE to register for this event.
  • Tuesday, 3/28 8:30 a.m.  if you are in the Tallahassee area, we will be walking to the Capitol together.  During this time our goal is to be able to meet with a few legislators, sit in on some committee meetings and experience Children's week through the eyes of Storybook Village.  Click here and let us know if you plan to attend this event. 
Bills we are working on this year:
  • Sadowski Trust Fund Bill
  • Florida for Fresh Access Requests
Here are some powerful and thought provoking direct quotes from our advocates:
  • Once we become aware, we become responsible
  • Food should never be a punishment
  • Make advocating personal
  • Remember to “name drop” we are a part of a very large coalition
  • This work cannot stop as long as one child is forced to play or go to bed  hungry
  • It is a marathon not a sprint.  Never stop advocating.
  • Talk about being in partnership with those in power on works of God
Should you wish to learn more about Children's Week, click here.

As always, if you have been in contact with your legislator, have a success story or have an advocacy God siting, email us at and let us know!