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Films on Creation Care

Most of the following films can be accessed through the Interfaith Power and Light website

An Inconvenient Truth.  Al Gore.  2006.

Moyers on America:  Is God Green?  Bill Moyers.  Public Broadcasting System.  2006.

Covenant:  A Film About Faith in Action.  The Redford Center and Alpheus Media.  2009.

Everything's Cool:  A Hot Documentary About Global Warming.  Daniel Gold, Judith Helfand, Chris Pilaro and Adam Wolfensohn.  2007.

Fighting Goliath:  Texas Coal Wars.  The Redford Center and Alpheus Media.  2008.

Green Is the New Red White and Blue.  Thomas Friedman.  2007.

Kilowatt Ours:  A Plan to Re-energize America.  Jeff Barrie:  Jeff Barrie Enterprises.  2007.

Lighten Up!:  A Religious Response to Global Warming.  The Regeneration Media Ministry.  2003.

Preaching for the Planet:  Interfaith Messages on Global Warming.  The Regeneration Project.   2008.

Renewal.  Fine Cut Production, 2007.

The Great Warming.  Narrated by Alanis Morissette and Keanu Reeves,  Stonehaven Productions.  2007.

Too Hot Not to Handle.  HBO2006.