Extension Ministry Annual Report

Clergy serving in appointments beyond the local church continue to be linked to the annual conference though a number of means.  Each extension ministry clergy is directly related to a charge conference and may fulfill certain ministerial roles in that context.  And, each clergy in an extension ministry appointment gives an annual account of his/her ministry.

The deadline for the submission of the reports is December 31st of each year.



Appointment to an Extension Ministry Annual Report - pdf file format

Extension Ministry Brief Narrative form - pdf file format

Extension Ministry Annual Report Email and Mailing Information
Please Send Copies To:

  1. Episcopal Office
    Extension Ministry Report
    450 Martin Luther King, Jr. Avenue
    Lakeland, FL 33815
    Email: Winnie Dean and Shannon Redden
  2. District Superintendent - Click here for district office contact list
  3. Office of Clergy Excellence
    450 Martin Luther King, Jr. Avenue
    Lakeland, FL 33815
    Email: Sara McKinley and Holly Finley
  4. Conference Secretary, Rev. Beth Gardner
    942 South Blvd.
    Lakeland, FL 33803
    Email: Beth Gardner
  5. Bishop of area in which you serve, if other than area of which you are a member.

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