Gulf Central District Learning Event
Saturday, February 16, 2019 at 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM

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Anona UMC
13233 Indian Rocks Rd
Largo, FL 33774

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A Gulf Central Learning and Application Event

Toolbox for Equipping the Mid-sized and Small Local Church

Reaching your community for Christ in meaningful ways—sometimes you simply need to re-tool; sometimes you need new tools.  Innovation can be something new…or a new way of using the existing.  This year’s Gulf Central Learning and Application Event will help you discover and re-discover new ways to do church…to do discipleship…to serve.
Our time together will start out with a stellar keynote focusing on doing church in the world of innovation and technology.  A great way to begin our conversation.  Woven between four sessions of 19 unique breakouts is an “expo hall” designed to allow you to wander and wonder.  Hands-on learning and one-on-one conversations about practical aspects of church (e.g., Thought Wall, Church decorating on a dime, School backpacks that make an impact, and more…) will stimulate.
As you register, please select the sessions you would like to attend and indicate your childcare and translation needs and lunch preferences. 
Community Gardens—How to be a Blessing to your Community.  Considering a community garden.  Come hear how to get started and engage your community in a fruitful way.
Expectations from the Pew (open to churches with 300+ Average Worship Attendance).  Your church attendees are spending inordinate amounts of time on their mobile devices.  The technology landscape is changing, and the church is competing for the attention of her communities with the likes of Facebook, Apple, Amazon, and Google.
Fresh Expressions 101/201—the Movement! People who would never set foot in a church are engaging with Scripture and encountering Jesus - how? Through Fresh Expressions of church where they already work and play. Get a brief overview and bring your questions!
Fresh Expressions 301—JOIN the Movement! Ready to get started? Bring your Fresh Expressions ideas or just a love for your community and an open mind as you work with an FX coach to bring your ideas to life.
God at Play in the Neighborhood:  Join the Game through Missional Spiritual Direction.  Your neighborhood is speaking, are you listening?  Learn how with neighborhood exegesis and communal discernment practices.
Growing School Partnerships.  Many of us are involved with schools.  Let’s do more.  They need us.  Come hear about ways to be more effective and meaningful in the lives of schools near you.
Innovation for Churches & Clergy:  Philosophies, Roadblocks and Concrete Ideas.  Rev Bob Martin and Rev Matthew Hartsfield hold a conversation on how churches can innovate.  Hear from some of the best the why and how to make innovation work for your church.
Innovate through the Ancient Art of Storytelling.  Telling the story in a compelling way—do you know how?  Have you tried it? 
Intentional Discipleship—Made for the Small and Mid-Size Church.  Called by Jesus to go and make disciples, YES!  The question is how do we make disciples?  How do I grow in my discipleship?  This is an opportunity to explore resources and approaches that are readily available to you-the mid and small-size church.
Maximizing Volunteers for God’s Service.  Research-based tools to help your faith community leverage the growing desire for people of all ages to give back.  We'll explore experiences for young families, skills-based mature volunteers and business partnerships that all lead to a deeper connection with each  other and Christ.
Poverty Experience—Moving from Mercy to Justice Ministries.  Working to be the hands and feet of Christ in our communities, we are busy doing ministry.  Ministry takes many forms.  Come, hear, learn how to move your church to a new ministry opportunity—justice.
Reaching into Our Community –Asset Mapping.  Looking for ways to really connect with your community?  First use this great tool and process to discover who your community really is AND what your community wants and needs. 
Safe Sanctuary—Active Shooter.  It is an ugly truth…and it can be scary.  Being prepared can help your congregation be safe and feel safe.  Come learn proven techniques specifically designed for churches of all sizes.
Sharing the Gospel Scares Me To Death.  From one “scared” believer to another, here’s some ways to share God with friends and family.
The Church Technology Buyers Guide.  Discover the keys to finding, evaluating, and buying church technology (that actually works the way it’s supposed to).

The Simple Church Model.  Hear the story of a thriving church revitalized through a simplified congregational leadership model.  A model that emphasizes mission and empowers disciples to lead.  
Trauma Sensitive Ministry.  Life can be difficult.  As we minister and care for one another, understanding how to approach and care for our brothers and sisters who have experienced trauma of any kind is critical.  This session will introduce you to some things to consider as you work with others.
UM Communications 101—Church Marketing.  Explore the planning process, branding standards and various ways church can effectively reach individuals and make an impact on your community.
UM Communications 201—Your Church Website.  Looking for a new church often means checking out the website first.  Discover the foundation for planning, building and launching an online strategy to help people connect members and seekers connect with an engaging website.
UM Communications 301—The Social Media Experience.  Telling stories of faith through social media is vital in our digital world.  Learn about Facebook and the rest, what the upcoming trends are and how to use these tools to engage your community in new and effective ways.
UM Communications 401—Launching an Engaging Web Ministry.  Web-based ministry is a tool that any of us can be using to reach and engage people outside, and inside, the church.  Using tools readily available to anyone can make a big impact in people’s lives as we help them learn and grow in faith.


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