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GCD Innovations 2020

GCD Innovations 2020
Saturday, February 22, 2020 at 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM

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Anona UMC
13233 Indian Rocks Rd
Largo, FL 33774

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Maggie Corrigan

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Session Name   Speaker   Times   Description
Reaching Your Community:  Asset Mapping   Ricc Conner & Kathi Sheehan   Session 1
Session 3
  Discovering your community's resources so your church can effectively connect with people living in your backyard.

Be a Justice Advocate   Pam Qualls   Session 2
Session 4
  Are you called to advocate for social justice?  for the marginalized?  but don’t know how to get started, let alone do it?  Join this workshop to learn how!

YMI Children’s Ministry Morning Session.  Being the Body: how including all ages in the life of the church benefits everyone
  Annette Johnson   Morning Session (both Session 1 & 2)  
In this full morning session, come explore the reasons behind intergenerational ministry, as well as the benefits and challenges for your entire congregation. We will also look into some practice first steps for church’s exploring adding more intergenerational ministry to their church life.

YMI Children’s Ministry Afternoon Session. Our Kids: Children’s Ministry in the community

  Annette Johnson   Afternoon Session (both Session 3 & 4)

  So often in ministry, we focus on how to get more people in our doors- what if instead we looked at ways we can go to them. Come learn more about partnering with your local schools, and how to create meaningful community events to help bridge your church to the community.
Church Finances   Craig Smelser   Session 2
Session 4
  This class will cover the following topics: Controls, Auditing Requirements, Apportionment Calculations, some Payroll Issues and a time for Questions and Answers
Community Gardening Part II
Cornerstone's New Garden Movement
  Cathy Stone   Session 2
Session 4
Thought about starting a garden ministry at your church but don’t know where to begin or don’t have the space?  Concerned about justice and mercy issues related to access to nutritious fruits and vegetables for struggling families living in food dessert neighborhoods?  Have a childcare center, children’s ministry or youth group at your church?  Or a senior’s ministry with snowbirds looking for a place to serve?  Or young families looking for opportunities to serve together while having fun?  If you said yes to two or more of these questions, this session is one you don’t want to miss!

Applying a proven tool to create more effective teams and committees:  DiSC®   Terry Sisco   Session 1
Session 3
DiSC® is a leading personal assessment tool used by over 1 million people every year to improve work productivity, teamwork and communication.  This session will introduce the tool and introduce powerful ways to use it throughout the church:  in committees, in ministry teams.
Boomerang: The Power of Effective Guest Follow-up   Jack Zelinko   Session 1 Session 3  
Discover a proven 3-step follow-up formula to reach more people and impact your community in simple, meaningful ways.

 An incredible experience at your service doesn’t always translate into visitors coming back time after time. The way to get first-time guests to come back is to make sure they feel known, noticed and loved! Discover a proven 3-step follow-up formula to reach more people and impact your community in simple, meaningful ways.
Fresh Expressions Real Time Experience—Comic Book and Video Game Cultures  
Andy Whittaker-Smith and Chris Kelbaugh - Gulf Central Fresh Expressions Team
  Session 1


  This “speed” expression will give you a quick yet real experience in two models for comic book and video cultures
Fresh Expressions Real Time Experience—In-home church  
Ellen McDonald & Charley McClaren - Gulf Central Fresh Expressions Team
  Session 2   This “speed” expression will give you a quick yet real experience in two models for in-home church
Fresh Expressions -Dinner Church  
Heather Evans  
  Session 3   This session will give you a quick yet real insight into dinner church.  
Fresh Expressions:  The How with Q&A  
Garrett Rocha & Gulf Central Fresh Expressions Team
  Session 4   Now that you have experienced a “speed” expression, come learn how to do it!  An open forum to learn how and ask your questions.

Innovation—Translating Big Church Innovation to Mid & Small Size Churches   Matthew Hartsfield &
Michelle Shrader
  Session 1
Session 3
  Discover how to successfully apply innovative practices to any sized church. Learn transferable principles that work across all settings.

Launch a New Hispanic/Latino Ministry   Zulma Soba   Session 1
Session 3
  Discover the best strategies to identify and develop the necessary tools for starting a new Hispanic Ministry

Millennials—What you need to know to engage and shepherd them to re-build the Church
  Chris Allen
Erica Allen
  Session 1
Session 3
  Millennials want to be connected…and are!  We, the church, can and need to reach out to them in the ways that speak to them.  Come learn HOW!
Racial Wealth Gap   Pam Qualls   Session 3  
We know that there is a growing wealth gap in our society, in our communities.  And, it’s even greater for people of color.  How do we as a church, as a Christian work end the inequity?
Re-engage/revitalize older congregations   Pam DeDea
 & Pat Hill
  Session 1
Session 3
Do you have lots of retirees in your community?  We live on Florida--the answer is YES.  People of all ages need a church community...but what is the uniqueness of the retiree community to inviting and engaging them into your church.  Hear from those who have and continue to do it routinely.
Spiral Dynamics--Tool for healthy conversations in the midst of different perspectives   Magrey DeVega   Session 2
Session 4
From our interpersonal relationships to international relations, our world is fraught with conflict.  How is it possible for two people can see the same issue from such different perspectives?  And, how might we lead others to a deeper, more compassionate understanding of each other?  Come explore the systems theory called “Spiral Dynamics."  Learn to facilitate conversations with people of differing perspectives in an empathetic, non-anxious way, and create pathways for positive change in the community.
Moving Your Church to Action through building teams and strategy   Tony Fotsch   Session 2
Session 4
Many churches have experienced great success in creating and implementing a Ministry Action Plan (MAP). Learn how to create the systems and strategies to bring the vision for your church into reality

The Future of UMC:  A time with Candace & Alex   Alex Shanks
Candace Lewis
  Session 2   Join our District Superintendent and the Assistant to the Bishop as they discuss the upcoming General Conference and beyond.
Trauma Sensitive Ministry--how to help in crisis   Doug Walker &
Cheryl Faries
  Session 2
Session 4
Life can be difficult.  As we minister and care for one another, understanding how to approach and care for our brothers and sisters who have, or currently are, experienced trauma of any kind is critical.  This session will introduce you to some things to consider as you work with others.
YMI Youth Ministry Morning Session.  Understanding & Engaging This Current Generation   Kirsten Knox   Morning Session (both Session 1 & 2)  
Every generation is different with unique habits, values, and shared experiences.  In this session, we will explore the current generation, Generation Z, and how our youth ministries can engage with them.  This session runs the full morning.
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YMI Youth Ministry Afternoon Session.  Foundations   Kirsten Knox   Afternoon Session (both Session 3 & 4)  
Successful youth ministries have several elements in common.  In this session, we will spend time exploring these essential foundations.  This session runs the full afternoon.  Morning session attendance not required.
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