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Virtual District Youth Retreat

Virtual District Youth Retreat
Saturday, November 14, 2020 at 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM

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Pam Mullay

Youth Pastor/Leader:

Each year, the NE District usually has a retreat at either the Warren Willis Camp or Epworth By the Sea. This year, due to COVID, we have had to rethink what that retreat looks like. We have a great planning team full of district youth pastors and we have put together a great Saturday retreat for the youth in the NE District. 


  • We have our first round or registration open through October 14. This will allow for each youth pastor to register their team and also pick specific t-shirt sizes for their team. If you register your team after October 14, you will have limited t-shirt sizes to choose from. 
  • We ask that youth do not register individually. Please see your youth pastor if you want to register for the event. If your church does not have a youth pastor, we can connect you to a youth pastor near your church. 
  • The youth pastor should register all youth that will be attending. Please be sure to include their name, email address (or parent's email address) and t-shirt size. 


  • Each youth will receive a swag box filled with goodies for the event. More information about how to get the swag bags will be given in the confirmation email once the youth pastor completes their registration. 
  • We will email the ZOOM webinar link to everyone on Tuesday, November 10. It is important that all emails are included with the registration so everyone will receive the link.  

Feel free to download the schedule for the event here. /files/district+common/red+buttons/2020+ne+district+virtual+youth+retreat.pdf