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Enhance Your Established Creation Care Team

Ideas to Enhance Your Established Creation Care Team


  1. Start a church garden and give the harvest to the local food bank or shelter.

  2. Begin composting kitchen scraps and coffee grounds to create compost for the garden.

  3. Host speakers from different environmental groups to learn about ways to get involved in your community.

  4. Provide a study group on Creation Care topics with one of the many books available with leader guides from Cokesbury or Amazon. For example: A Hopeful Earth: Faith, Science, and the Message of Jesus by Sally Dyck or Green Church: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rejoice! by Rebekah Simon‐Peter.

  5. Begin a Green Events movement by encouraging the use of reusable dishes in the church kitchen. Offer to help with clean up if groups need it in order to cut down on trash after events.

  6. Join other groups in support of environmental action. When voices are needed to speak up for the earth at rallies or with members of Congress, join with others to show the will of the people is to protect God’s Creation.

  7. Have a Creation Care Sunday School Day. Teach children about God’s Earth using scripture and have a fun activity they can help with like planting seeds for them to watch grow.

  8. Include Creation Care in your VBS plans. Include Creation Care in your curriculum for Vacation Bible School to encourage kids to take care of God’s earth.

  9. Plan an outdoor excursion. Go on a hike, bike ride, beach trip, or visit a farm to help build an appreciation of nature while fellowshipping with members of the group.

  10. Celebrate your successes! Have a potluck with the fresh vegetables grown in the garden, send stories and photos to the local paper and your church newsletter, and have fun!


Do you already have an established Church Creation Care Ministry or Green Team?
We'd love to connect with you.


Please come to our Eat, Pray, Grow Eco-Inspiration online events, or contact the Creation Care Team Leader, Cara Fleischer at